Filing you next tax return is probably the furthest thing from your mind right now. But you might want to give it at least a little attention. It’s only September, but in case you haven’t heard there was a huge data breach recently and nearly half of the entire country was likely affected. 143 Million […]

It’s no secret that scammers continuously prey on innocent victims in an effort to steal their tax records. In many cases, they even commit identity theft by accessing their personal information. Scammers prey on anyone they can but often focus on the elderly, who can be more vulnerable to these types of attacks. Furthermore, scam […]

Recently, the IRS started working with private debt collection companies. Already there have been reports of issues. Here is what you need to know.

The new tax law closes the loophole by forcing retailers that don’t collect sales tax to report the amount that Colorado customers spend

Are you worried about what your taxes in retirement will look like? What’s the reward for approximately 45 years of your life spent working? It’s a relaxing and fulfilling retirement, of course. Retirement is something that almost everyone looks forward to “some day”. Pretty much every day feels like a Saturday in retirement. You have […]

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