You’ve worked hard all your life and you’ve been smart with your money. Now you’re ready to finally call it quits and enjoy the so-called “golden years.” Many people look forward to retirement all their lives. Day after day, week after week you clock in and clock out all with your eye on that glorious […]

It looks as though Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the last two candidates standing from both parties for the November presidential election. Love them or hate them, it appears that one of them will likely be the country’s choice to take over the oval office next January. If you’re wealthy, then who you vote […]

While no one wants to pay taxes, it’s an inevitable part of life. If you make money then you have to pay the government a portion of that money. It really doesn’t matter how you make your money, you will have to pay some of it to Uncle Sam. The rates will vary depending on […]

Tax time is here and by now some of you might already have your return filed and your refund deposited into your bank account. If so, then give yourself a pat on the back for being one of the “first responders” so to speak. However, at this early stage in the game most people are […]

No one wants to receive a call out of the blue from the IRS, but perhaps an even worse call is one that comes from a debt collector. Debt collectors have a terrible reputation and in most cases, it’s a reputation that they have rightfully earned. Now just imagine getting a call from a debt […]

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