Recently, Congress enacted a new section of the tax code that gave the IRS some additional power that could play a significant role in foreign travel

Why are some of Hillary Clinton’s largest donors to her campaigns big companies? Clinton plans to raise tax rates, but will it hurt big corporations?

Donald trump might end up being the first presidential candidate for either party not to make his tax returns public. Some reasons why he won’t release

You’ve worked hard all your life and you’ve been smart with your money. Now you’re ready to finally call it quits and enjoy the so-called “golden years.” Many people look forward to retirement all their lives. Day after day, week after week you clock in and clock out all with your eye on that glorious […]

It looks as though Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the last two candidates standing from both parties for the November presidential election. Love them or hate them, it appears that one of them will likely be the country’s choice to take over the oval office next January. If you’re wealthy, then who you vote […]

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