When it comes to the estate tax, most people wish they could avoid it like the plague, or even as much as death itself. The estate tax, or the death tax as it is often referred, has long been a controversial topic on Capitol Hill, with lawmakers on both sides arguing for or against it […]

There are a lot of people who really don’t enjoy paying their taxes. However, while most people would love to get more in return from the IRS and keep a lot more of their hard-earned income for themselves, most taxpayers still comply with the rules and send off their tax return to the IRS before […]

Have you ever had to purchase something for work but your employer didn’t reimburse for you it? Do you have to use your vehicle for work-related purposes, other than your commute to the office and back? What about any office supplies you need, or perhaps specific clothing or footwear that is a requirement for your […]

Who doesn’t love a great family vacation? A bunch of restless kids crammed in a car that’s too small, for way too many hours. Likewise, you get to enjoy moody teenagers that only stop looking at their electronic devices when they have something negative to say about your family vacation and small children who have […]

It’s a well-known fact that most people in America don’t like taxes, right? No one really wants to give away his or her hard earned money to the government, who may or may not put it to good use. After all, why should the government take such a huge part of a person’s paycheck and […]

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