The IRS has chosen you for an audit. The mere words strung together can cause just about anyone to curl up in a small ball and tremble in fear like a gerbil. For some people, being audited might just to be one of the scariest experiences someone could go through in his or her lifetime. […]
April 15 is now in the past. Everyone can breathe a collective sigh of relief. In fact, for those people who have received their refund they might already be enjoying the fruits of that extra influx of cash. For those still waiting for their refunds to arrive, big plans could be in the works for […]
By now, just about everyone in America who is old enough to pay taxes realizes the significance of April 15th every year. Tax day might have as much notoriety as many U.S. holidays, but that doesn’t make it anyone’s favorite day of the year – with the possible exception of accountants, who probably can’t wait […]
Understanding IRS Letter CP 11. Know what this IRS notice means and what actions you must take.
Understanding IRS Letter CP 14. Know the notice means and what actions you must take.
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