Receiving any kind of notice from the IRS is usually scary, for most people. A letter from everyone’s favorite tax agency is not a letter most people are looking to get in their mailbox; and usually it’s not good news when that kind of letter shows up. One such letter that no one ever wants […]

The days have gotten shorter, the nights have grown a little longer and the leaves have started to fall. The hot temperatures of summer have faded slowly into the earlier sunsets and the long, cold winters are just around the corner. The unmistakable signs of fall are in the air and that means another year […]

Have you reached your golden years and you’re already enjoying your Social Security benefits? Perhaps you’ve just barely reached the age of retirement and you’re still deciding whether or not you should start collecting your payments now, or if you’d be better off waiting for a few more years. Social Security benefits are an important […]

Apple, Inc. is a hugely successful company, with some of the most popular products in the world. It’s no surprise that Apple does very well financially, including racking up more than $182 billion in revenue in 2014. So whether you drink the “Apple juice” or not, there’s no arguing that the company is great at […]

When it comes to the estate tax, most people wish they could avoid it like the plague, or even as much as death itself. The estate tax, or the death tax as it is often referred, has long been a controversial topic on Capitol Hill, with lawmakers on both sides arguing for or against it […]

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