Have you ever had that sinking feeling like you messed up on something big but it’s too late now to take it back? Like that angry email you sent to your boss spelling out why you should get a raise, only to find out that he/she was about to give you one. Or that embarrassing […]

Since President Trump and his administration took office in January there has been much hubbub about the Affordable Care Act, otherwise known as Obamacare. Of course, this was a hot topic throughout the campaign and it has remained on the forefront of the new administration’s agenda since they took control of the White House. After […]

Lower taxes for everyone! It was one of the main the rallying cries of our new President on the campaign trail. Make no mistake, Donald Trump has made it clear that he plans to lower taxes, and with both the Senate and Congress in Republican control there’s little doubt that tax changes are coming. Throughout […]

The world is growing. That’s stating the obvious, but actually I’m referring to the world’s waistline. Countries all over the globe are experiencing an increase in the number of obese residents and the problem appears to continually be getting worse instead of better. In the U.S. alone it has been reported that 38 percent of […]

Do you remember the last time you were driving in your car and you heard one of those tax resolution adds on the radio? You probably thought about it for a second and then determined that it was just too good to be true and that most likely there had to be a catch. After […]

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