Referral Testimonials

Mr. Mason
Minneapolis, MN

My back taxes had been haunting me for years & the bank levy happened so quickly; I’m glad I had I requested a free consultation. Everyone is astonished they got all my money back so soon. I am eternally grateful!

Mr. Szramiak
Philadelphia, PA

I had used another company previously, and I had concerns initially but you guys put me in good hands and in no time flat. This is such a weight off of my shoulders.

Mr. Wilson
Taylor, TX

Thank you so much for your diligence in taking care of our situation. You were always available when we needed to ask questions, and you should be proud of your professional handling of our case!

Brian J.
Orange, CA

I was in a tough situation. I didn’t have much money and I couldn’t pay the back taxes. I owed $24,000 to the IRS and with TDN I was able to setup a reasonable payment plan. Thanks again!

Mr. Thomas
Columbus, OH

My estranged wife accrued tax debt for 3 years in different states. I needed help. I feel great now that I can finally live a normal life. I would let anybody know the tax resolution service is the real thing.

Sharon J.
New York, NY

I didn’t know what to do once I started receiving these letters from the IRS and the State of NY. Turns out I was incurring tons of interest and penalties on federal back income taxes in the amount of $19k and change. I called the IRS to get a payment plan and eliminate my penalties but it just seemed so cumbersome. A phone call later, followed by an analysis and some forms, my penalties are reduced, and I have an approved installment agreement with the IRS! Keep up the good work!

Tara E.
Atlanta, GA

I forgot to file my taxes and months later the letters came in from the State and the Internal Revenue Service. I then received a notice of a tax lien. I didn’t have much money. I shopped around, but your service didn’t have anything hidden, was competitively priced, and didn’t make these bogus claims guaranteeing me that I would pay less. You ended up providing the best deal and the quickest service form a very professional staff. :)

Mr. Ojeda
Houston, TX

You resolved my tax issue I was afraid of having my wages garnished and with you’re help I avoided that. I will absolutely recommend your service to someone with tax problems.

Ms. Lefanto
Orland, CA

My accounts were levied because of my ex-husband’s secret tax debt when I filed jointly with him. Your partner team stopped the threats from the IRS while working on my case. They stuck by me the whole time and that’s what I needed.

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