IRS Seizure – Resolve Tax Problems & Protect Property

IRS Property Seizure

IRS property seizure is the most uncommon form of a tax levy. This can be seen as a last resort effort by the Internal Revenue Service to get back tax money that it is owed. When the IRS seizes assets, it physically takes the assets, such as cars, homes, trucks, boats, and many other assets that hold monetary value that the IRS can seize and gain some monetary value from. Many times auctions are held for this property, so the IRS can recoup taxes owed.

Options to Handle the IRS Seizing Property

  • Remove the Tax Levy
  • The IRS will continue to attempt to seize assets from you until they have taken enough of your assets and received the amount to cover the taxes owed or you have settled your IRS tax debts with the IRS. The IRS has multiple methods for settling tax debts and they do have methods for just about every financial situation. You have to realize that the hardest thing for them to do is to seize assets, but they only do it as a last resort. Once you come to some sort of agreement with the IRS about handling the taxes owed, they will stop collections.

  • Protect Your Assets from the IRS
  • If you need to delay the IRS from seizing your assets until you can come up with the money to pay, set-up a form of settlement with the IRS or hide your assets until the statute of limitations expires then you will need to learn how to protect your assets from IRS seizure.

  • Work With a Tax Professional
  • Tax professionals understand very well the actions of the IRS and can guide you on how to legally protect your assets and they can get all the paper work filed and the levy released while minimizing IRS seizures.
    They can also help you setup a payment plan to pay off the IRS over time potentially.

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