Tax Attorney or Lawyer Benefits for State and IRS Taxes

IRS Tax Attorney Tax attorneys can help with many complex tax issues just like a CPA or an Enrolled agent can provide tax relief. Using a tax attorney for help with certain tax issues has it’s benefits. It is best to use a tax attorney when there is either a large sum of money involved, the IRS is accusing you of criminal tax fraud or you are heading to court for a tax related issue. Some benefits of using a tax attorney are listed below.

IRS Tax Attorney Client Privilege

Some claim that this is the most important reason for using a tax attorney. This has to do with confidentiality (attorney-client privilege). Tax attorneys are the only type of tax professional that are legally exempt from being forced to testify against you in a criminal case if the IRS were to testify against you in the future. Other types of tax professionals such as a tax professional or CPA can be forced to testify against you. There is some confidentiality with other tax professionals, but it does not apply to criminal cases. If you have been accused of fraud, it is best to hire a tax attorney for this reason.

May Offer Legal Analysis That Other Professionals Won’t

A tax attorney can give you other options that a CPA or enrolled agent most likely would not give you. Sometimes, based on your situation, these options could be the best option for you. For example, a tax attorney could recommend tax bankruptcy or other legal options that a CPA or enrolled agent are not fully competent in dealing with.

Negotiation Skills

Generally speaking, tax attorneys have better skilled in negotiation than other types of tax professionals. Depending on the type of tax problem you have, it may require a significant amount of negotiation and having a tax attorney on your side for this can be a big plus.

Power of Attorney Representation

Like CPAs and enrolled agents, a tax attorney is a type of tax professional that can legally represent you before the IRS. This means that the attorney can represent you in meetings with the IRS and can prepare and file written responses to the IRS on your behalf. So in essence, they handle the IRS so you don’t have to.

Benefits of Other Tax Professionals

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Benefits of an Enrolled Agent
Tax Relief Lawyer

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