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If you need tax settlement assistance, we can help resolve your tax problems with the best settlement method available for your individual situation. There are many tax settlement options offered by the IRS and by most states, ranging from paying back taxes in full over time to negotiating with the IRS to pay far less than the amount owed.

It is important for any taxpayer who is unable to pay back taxes to find a tax settlement method as soon as the issue arises. If you fail to pay the taxes you owe or to enter into some form of settlement agreement with the IRS, penalties, and interest will continue to accrue on your outstanding tax bill and the IRS will eventually begin to pursue more serious collections mechanisms against you.

How We can Help with a Tax Settlement

Although every situation is different, the benefits that you will receive by using one of these professionals to resolve your tax problem will typically outweigh the associated expenses. The IRS and state taxing agencies are looking out for their own interests, and not yours. A tax professional can find hidden loopholes that will eliminate part of what you owe or remove penalties that have been filed against you.

There are a number of different settlement options available to taxpayers who are unable to pay their taxes in full. The best tax resolution method for you is contingent on your unique financial and tax situation. For example, some delinquent taxpayers may qualify to settle their taxes for far less than they owe, while most others will be better off setting up a payment plan. Regardless of your individual circumstances, there is a resolution method available for you.

Some of the tax settlement solutions that may be considered to resolve your tax problem include:

A representative of our partner tax team will review your IRS or State transcripts, provide you with an in-depth analysis of your current situation and determine the settlement method that that is most beneficial for you. Once your information has been reviewed and a plan of action has been agreed upon, a tax professional will be able to represent you in all IRS and state tax correspondence – including the filing and managing of all tax dealings on your behalf – through power of attorney. You will receive updates on the status of your case throughout each step of the process to keep you well-informed how of how things are moving along.

Why Us?

Our partner tax team is comprised of tax professionals who have a variety of different backgrounds and areas of expertise, a system built to ensure the proper handling of an assortment of tax problems and complex tax filings. You will have access to experts who specialize in all types of tax settlement filings and know exactly what is required in order for your filing to be accepted.

You can rest assured that our tax professionals will work tirelessly to resolve your tax problems efficiently and effectively. Our goal is to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation while providing you with the most value for your money.

It is important to choose an experienced tax firm to represent you and set you back on the path to financial freedom. Here are some of the benefits offered through our partner service:

  • Free & Confidential Consultation
  • No Retainer Fee Service
  • No Pressure Agreements
  • Great Refund Policy
  • No Hidden Fees
  • An Excellent Tax Team
  • Service All 50 States
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