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Representing yourself in complicated tax matters can be both difficult and stressful. Hiring an experienced representative to handle a tax problem on your behalf will typically lead to a much greater outcome, particularly in more complex tax situations. Since the IRS wants to collect as much money as possible, they do not always make it easy for average taxpayers to understand the options available to them. Someone who has in-depth tax knowledge – and who isn’t tied directly to your tax problem – is more able to act in a constructive manner without being misled. Additionally, all IRS correspondence is sent directly to your power of attorney representative, which can greatly relieve the stress associated with a tax problem. If you need power of attorney representation to assist you with your tax dealings, we can help.

How We Can Help by Representing You Through Power of Attorney

Filing for power of attorney authorizes our partnered tax professionals to handle all IRS correspondence and dealings on your behalf. Regardless of your specific problem, there is almost always a resolution to be found.

Some of the solutions offered by our tax representatives include:

Once you have filed for power of attorney, your tax representative will review all of your tax documents, analyze your financial situation and make an educated decision as to which tax resolution method is best for your unique circumstances. After reviewing your information and determining the most appropriate plan of action for your situation, your tax representative will work with the IRS and make all necessary filings on your behalf. You will receive updates on the status of your case throughout each step of the process.

Why Us?

Our partner team is comprised of tax professionals who have a variety of different backgrounds and areas of expertise, a system built to ensure the most efficient and effective handling of each and every tax problem. This diverse team will do their best to obtain the best outcome for you as quickly and painlessly as possible, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Keep in mind that – more often than not – the benefits you receive from a having tax professional represent you through power of attorney will greatly outweigh the cost.

Here are some of the benefits that we offer through our partnered tax team:

  • Free & Confidential Consultation
  • No Retainer Fee Service
  • No Pressure Agreements
  • Great Refund Policy
  • No Hidden Fees
  • An Excellent Tax Team
  • Service All 50 States
  • ..more details on benefits

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