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If you need help with a tax audit, our partner tax team can guide you through the process and assist with any problems that may arise. It is a common misconception that being audited will absolutely result in the taxpayer owing more money; the truth is, however, that audits can go both ways. While there it is common for the IRS or state to claim that you owe more money based on errors that you made on your filing, you may in fact end being owed more money after an audit if you are able to point out any missed deductions. Although this isn’t the typical scenario, a good tax professional will seek out every last possibility to ensure that you achieve the best possible financial outcome at the conclusion of your audit.

How We Can Help with Your Tax Audit

If you are selected to be audited, you will need the support of someone who can help defend you and ensure that the IRS or state taxing authority does not take full control of the audit process. Even if the audit was triggered by an error on your filing, you may have also missed some significant deductions that can offset your mistake. You should work with a tax firm that is properly trained and experienced in handling audits, viewing your case from every different angle, and protecting your interests. Our partner tax team is comprised of a diverse roster of tax professionals who have represented individuals, professionals and business owners dealing with both IRS and state tax audits.

You can rest easy knowing that you are backed by an ethical and widely experienced team of professionals, including tax attorneys, CPAs, former IRS agents and enrolled agents, all who have various backgrounds and a broad range of specialties. This diverse system was built to ensure the proper handling wide array of client tax problems. Our goal, like yours, is to eliminate your financial stress and provide you with an excellent service that will land you back on the path to financial freedom.

Why Use Us for Your Tax Audit Defense or Protection?

When dealing with audits, the IRS and most state taxing agencies actually prefer to work with a tax professional rather than an individual taxpayer. Tax professionals understand the process – as well as the tax lingo – making it easier on taxing authorities to do their jobs.

It is important to choose an experienced tax firm to represent you in your tax audit. Here are some of the benefits that we offer through our partnered tax services:

  • Free & Confidential Consultation
  • No Retainer Fee Service
  • No Pressure Agreements
  • Great Refund Policy
  • No Hidden Fees
  • An Excellent Tax Team
  • Service All 50 States
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