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Do you need help filing for or determining whether or not you qualify for innocent spouse relief? If so, we can help. The innocent spouse relief program offered by the IRS and some state taxing authorities is a great program that allows one taxpayer to transfer the tax liability created from a joint return to the other spouse. Each spouse is typically considered to be equally responsible for any liability created through a joint filing, but innocent spouse relief is a way to transfer that liability to just one of the spouses. This is a difficult tax filing to make so it is highly recommended that you use an experienced tax professional to aid you in the process.

How We Can Assist with Innocent Spouse Relief

We connect you with our reputable partner tax team, who will analyze your financial situation and make a determination as to whether you are a likely candidate to receive innocent spouse relief. If you do qualify, all of the representation and filing requirements will be taken care of for you. This type of relief can be a blessing to those who deserve it. Once your case is accepted by the IRS and/or state taxing authorities, you will no longer be held responsible for the tax liability that was created through the joint tax filing.

After the tax analysis, we will present you with a plan of action. If you are not a good candidate for the innocent spouse relief program, we will investigate different forms of settlement that may significantly ease your tax burden. All of the required filings and representations will be made on your behalf through power of attorney, and you will receive updates on the status of your case throughout each step of the process.

You can rest easy knowing that you have an ethical and widely experienced team of professionals on your side. Our partner tax team is comprised of tax attorneys, CPAs, enrolled agents and former IRS agents, all who have various backgrounds and a broad range of specialties. This diverse team and service has been designed to efficiently and effectively handle tax problems and to provide a premium service at an affordable price. Our goal is to resolve your tax problems to help you get back on the path to financial freedom.

Why Us?

Many innocent spouse relief cases are denied simply due to lack of representation. Your chances of being granted innocent spouse relief increase significantly with the use of a tax professional, particularly one from an experienced tax firm. Our tax professionals will make of all the appropriate tax filings completely and accurately on your behalf to ensure their approval by the IRS and/or state taxing authorities.

It is important to choose an experienced tax firm to represent you. Here are some of the benefits we offer through our partnered tax services:

  • Free & Confidential Consultation
  • No Retainer Fee Service
  • No Pressure Agreements
  • Great Refund Policy
  • No Hidden Fees
  • An Excellent Tax Team
  • Service All 50 States
  • ..more details on benefits

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