Rapper MC Hammer Gets Hammered with $671K in Back Taxes

August 7th, 2009 by Filed under: Celebrities, Tax News

mc hammer back taxesStanley Burrell, MC Hammer, has just been slapped with a tax lien against him for $671,182  in taxes owed to the state of California and the IRS. Even with his career getting a second chance recently with his new TV show and schedule tour, he still is having serious financial issues.

The break down of the taxes both him and his wife owe are the following:

  • IRS: $658,718

  • California: $12,464

Seems like MC hammer will have to sell off a lot of his gold to pay for all these taxes he owes. Recently MC hammer was featured in a cash 4 gold ad, a company that even promotes selling gold for tax relief. Hammer probably didn’t think at the time of the ad it would actually become a reality to him.

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