April 15th is still a few months away but it’s not too early to think about getting your taxes done. If you’ve got a fairly simple return, you might be comfortable doing it yourself but when your filing is a little more complicated, it’s probably time to call in professional help. Hiring an accountant or […]

If you’re looking forward to getting a fat tax refund check this year, you need to think carefully about how you plan to spend it. While there are plenty of smart things you could do with the extra cash, like paying down debt or making some much-needed home improvements, it’s all too easy to let […]

Tax time is here and for millions of Americans that means a little extra cash in the form of a refund. The average refund is right around $3,000 but how much money you’ll actually get back depends on your income, what tax credits you qualify for and what expenses you’re able to deduct. Taking advantage […]

Tax season has just begun but the April 15th filing deadline will be here before you know it. The IRS is set to begin processing returns beginning January 31st so now’s the time to start getting your paperwork together. If you normally wait until the last minute to file, you could be creating some extra […]

For most Americans, tax day usually falls on April 15th but extensions are available for people who need more time to file. According to the IRS, approximately 12 million taxpayers requested an extension this year, giving them an additional six months to get their paperwork in order. With the October 15th filing deadline right around the […]

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