Pamela Anderson Caught with Back Taxes

December 2nd, 2009 by Filed under: Celebrities

-Beautiful Pamela Anderson is the latest major celebrity to run into troubles with the IRS. Pamela Anderson, yes, the well known actress, producer, writer and Playmate had another tax lien filed against her for delinquent taxes. The IRS tax lien was reported on October 19th in Los Angeles.

According to The Detroit News, Anderson owes the IRS $1.7+ million and the state of California another $252k+. This comes as news to the recent rumors of bankruptcy or that she owes close to a $1 million for remodeling her house.

If you are a taxpayer facing the same issue, work with the IRS today to remove the lien not only because your credit will be tarnished, but also because IRS penalties and interest will continue to accumulate.

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