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Texas Tax Relief

The Texas Comptroller is responsible for collecting Texas taxes. When it comes to issues with Texas taxes businesses and individuals must deal directly with the comptroller. Since Texas has no individual income taxes, they take the collection of other taxes very seriously and failure to pay or file them can lead to harsh consequences.

Below are some of the consequences to having unfiled and unpaid taxes as well as details on methods that can be used to get back into full compliance with Texas owed taxes.

Penalties for Past Due Texas Taxes

  • 1-30 Days Late: 5% penalty
  • 31-60 Days Late: 10% penalty
  • If paying after the date referenced on the Notice of Tax, add another 10% penalty for a total of 20%

If you fail to file a tax report with the Comptroller’s office it could result in collection actions which include late filing penalties, tax liens, levies, suspend business permits, place a lien on assets, and possibly criminal charges.

If the Comptroller’s office is unable to collect the taxes that are due then they may pass off the account to the Attorney General’s Office for further collection activity. If this happens, the Comptroller’s office no longer has jurisdiction and the Attorney General’s Office must be dealt with. Failure to deal with the Attorney General can lead to severe civil action.

Payment Plan for Past Due Taxes

If taxes cannot be paid in full, the Comptroller’s office does consider payment plans on a case-by-case basis. They will consider taxpayers for a payment plan if paying the taxes in full would create undue hardship for the taxpayer.

In order to be considered for a payment plan you must contact your local Comptroller’s field office. One thing to keep in mind when considering a payment plan is that some collection actions will continue against your account such as a tax lien.

Stopping Comptroller’s Collection Actions

If you have ignored notices for some time it is likely that the Texas Comptroller’s office will start collection actions. Once collection actions have started it is important to reach out the the Comptroller’s Enforcement Division by visiting one of their local offices or call them at (800) 252-8880 to discuss possible solutions for your unique situation.

Tax Problem Prevention in Texas

When doing business in Texas or becoming a new taxpayer there, it is highly suggested that you attend a tax seminar that the State Comptroller’s Office offers. There are several seminars each year that are updated here a few times a year.

You can also visit or call one of the 33 Comptroller locations that are located all around Texas. Their job is to help you with your tax questions and will gladly give you the guidance you need to conform to Texas tax laws.

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