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Pennsylvania Tax Relief

Pennsylvania tax laws are controlled by the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue operates in a very similar manner to the IRS when it comes to tax problems. They have their own set of solutions to resolve tax problems. Below are details on resolving various tax problems with the state of Pennsylvania.

Tax Amnesty 4/21/2017 to 6/19/2017

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue is offering for a limited time a tax amnesty program. This program allows individuals and businesses the ability to get relief from unpaid taxes by allowing them to avoid certain penalties and pay less than if the amnesty program was not in effect. Depending on how much you owe, this program can save you thousands so it is important to work quickly as not much time is remaining. Below are some of the highlights offered by this tax amnesty program

  • All penalties and half of the interest will be waived
  • Individuals and businesses that have unpaid or underpaid taxes as of 12/31/2015 are eligible. Taxpayers who didn’t file for periods due on or before 12/31/2015 are also eligible
  • Not eligible if: Participated in 2010 Amnesty Program, under criminal investigation, in bankruptcy, criminal prosecution, or have a voluntary disclosure agreement for the periods of the tax amnesty.
  • If you owe delinquent taxes and do not participate by June 19th, 2017, a 5% penalty will be added to the taxes owed and other collection actions may happen.

How To Receive PA Tax Amnesty

  • Go to PA Amnesty dedicated website and click apply now to start the process in the upper left
  • Call their toll-free number to speak with a PA agent to start the process at 1-844-727-8283
  • Consider professional help to ensure your tax returns are all filed by due date and amnesty guidelines are followed. You can call us at 800-928-5035 or complete the form to the right

Payment Plans with State of Pennsylvania

If you cannot pay your taxes in full to the state of Pennsylvania a payment arrangement could be a good alternative to help keep penalties and interest from adding up. The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue does not have specific forms to fill out to request a payment plan like the IRS has. In order to request a payment arrangement you can do one of the following:

  • Call Collection Unit: Call them directly at (717) 783-3000
  • Visit a district office: Before you visit be sure to call ahead to verify that they have someone available that can help you. To find the closest location to you visit their website here.
  • Pay through credit: Payments can be made to the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue on credit card through or by calling (800) 2PAYTAX (1-800-272-9829). They charge $2.49 convenience fee ($1.00 minimum) for processing the credit card transaction. It is best to call the collection unit before putting on credit card to compare their interest rate with your credit card interest rate.

Appealing Tax Penalties and Interest

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue allows individuals and businesses to appeal tax penalties and interest with the Board of Appeals after a notice of assessment has been received.

In order to appeal tax tax penalty you must complete the Board of Appeals Petition Form and send back to the department of fax it to (717) 346-2011

Pennsylvania Taxpayer Forgiveness

Pennsylvania allows eligible taxpayers to reduce all or part of their PA tax liability through a tax credit that is dependent upon income, state withholding, and family size. To see if you qualify, visit this link.

Pennsylvania Taxpayer Rights Advocate

The Taxpayer Rights Advocate was set up to provide advice and guidance as requested for individuals and businesses. They will help with audits, assessments and any other unusual circumstances that arise regarding Pennsylvania state tax liabilities. If necessary, the Taxpayer Rights Advocate has the right to issue a taxpayer assistance order. If a taxpayer assistance order is issued the the commonwealth will take corrective action to fix a situation that may have created an unfair situation for a taxpayer.

Contact Taxpayers Right Advocate

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone: (717) 772-9347

Fax: (717) 787-8264

PA Department of Revenue
Taxpayers’ Rights Advocate
Lobby, Strawberry Square
Harrisburg, PA 17128-0101

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