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The Georgia Department of Revenue performs many of the same functions as the IRS when it comes to taxpayers who owe back taxes. The mission of the Department of Revenue is as follows: “ administer the tax laws of the State of Georgia fairly and efficiently in order to promote public confidence and compliance, while providing excellent customer service”. In keeping with this mission, the Georgia Department of Revenue offers taxpayers a number of options for resolving their back tax situation. If you’re a resident of Georgia who owes unpaid or unfiled taxes, the DOR offers the following remedies for dealing with tax debt.

Georgia Installment Agreement

If you’re not able to pay any of your taxes due, you can request an Installment Agreement to set up monthly payments. Installment plans can last no more than 36 months and interest continues to accrue until the tax bill is paid in full. Generally, you’re eligible to sign up for installment payments as long as you haven’t filed bankruptcy or made an offer in compromise and your tax debt hasn’t been assigned to a collection agency. To request an Installment Agreement, you’ll need to complete Form GA-9645, which is available for download on the Georgia Department of Revenue website. The completed form should be mailed to the Department of Revenue’s Compliance Division at the address listed below: Georgia Department of Revenue Processing Center PO Box 740396 Atlanta, GA 30374-0396  There are a number of possible penalties you could face if you default on an Installment Agreement, including wage garnishment, attachment of your property and a levy of your bank account. It may be helpful to speak with a qualified tax professional to determine whether an Installment Agreement is your best option.

Negotiating an Offer in Compromise (OIC)

Taxpayers who can’t afford to pay their tax bill in full may be able to secure an Offer in Compromise (OIC). This is effectively lets you settle your tax bill for less than what’s owed. The Georgia Department of Revenue typically grants an Offer in Compromise in situations where it seems unlikely that the full amount of the tax owed can be collected. You can apply for an Offer in Compromise if any of three scenarios apply:
  • Doubt as to collectibility (You don’t think you can repay all of the tax debt)
  • Doubt as to liability (You don’t think you’re liable for the tax debt)
  • Economic hardship (You’re experiencing an economic hardship that would make it impossible to repay the debt in full)
To apply for an Offer in Compromise, you’ll need to fill our Form OIC-1 and Form CD-14C if you’re applying on hardship or collectability grounds. Completing the application process can be difficult and the Georgia Department of Revenue offers a free booklet on the Offer in Compromise process for taxpayers.

Request for Penalty Waiver

If a penalty has been assessed against you because of an outstanding tax liability, you have the right to request a penalty waiver. To apply for a penalty waiver, you must send a written statement to the Department of Revenue explaining your reasons for not complying with the tax law. You’ll also need to submit Form TSD-3 with your request. You can send your request to the following address: Georgia Department of Revenue Taxpayer Services Division – Penalty Waiver PO Box 105596 Atlanta, GA 30348  An electronic request for a penalty waiver can also be submitted at the DOR website.

Contact the Georgia Department of Revenue

If you have questions about the alternatives for resolving a past due tax debt or you need to check on the status of an application for an Installment Agreement, Offer in Compromise or Penalty Waiver, representatives from the Georgia Department of Revenue are available to help every weekday during regular business hours. For general inquiries:
  • Taxpayer Services Unit – (877) 423-6711
For questions about installments:
  • Installments – (404) 417-6605
For offers in compromise:
  • OIC program: (404) 417-6543
You can also mail general inquiries to the Department of Revenue Headquarters, located at 1800 Century Center Blvd. N.E., Atlanta GA 30345.

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