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How to Tax Guides
How to guides on common problems individuals run into the the IRS.

Tax Settlement
Understand what a tax settlement is, how it works, and how to settle IRS taxes owed with the IRS.

How to Release a Tax Levy
A Tax Levy is the most powerful weapon of the IRS. Understand what the intent of them placing the levy is and find the best solution for yourself.

Using the IRS Statute of Limitations to your Advantage
This is something the IRS will not tell you about. In certain circumstances, the amount of time for the IRS to collect runs out and they can no longer collect that tax liability anymore and that tax liability is gone forever.

IRS Jokes
Dealing with back taxes isn’t fun, but it sure is fun making fun of the IRS.

Completing Unfiled Tax Returns on Your Own
Non-filers get some of the harshest treatment from the IRS when they are caught. It is best to file before they catch you because they eventually will, typically 1-2 years prior to the due date.

Back Taxes Settlement
A complete list of settling back taxes. Find the best method that fits your current financial situation best.

Unpaid Taxes
How to go about resolving unpaid taxes to the IRS. Find out how much you owe, file old returns if needed and determine your best payment method.

How to Find a Reliable Tax Relief Professional
What to look for in a tax relief company before deciding to have them help you. Important types of solicitations and offers to look out for.

How to File Unfiled Tax Returns
The sooner you file late returns the better. Gather the correct forms and submit to the correct address.

Consequences of Unfiled Tax Returns
Unfiled tax returns are much worst than filed tax returns and not being able to pay. Best to file unfiled returns before the IRS finds you.

How to Release a Tax Lien
A tax lien can have devastating effects of one’s credit. If not removed quickly it can turn into a levy and the IRS can legally seize assets.

Innocent Spouse Relief
The different types of innocent spouse relief available and the qualifications for receiving this form of relief

FIling Back Taxes
File IRS back taxes before they find you. Tax advantage of their voluntary filing policy.

Prove Financial Hardship
Stop or prevent the IRS from collections by proving you won’t have enough money for basic necessities after they collect.

Benefits of Using a Tax Professional
Why it is a good option to use a tax professional when handling complex IRS tax issues.

When you Cannot Pay your Taxes On Time
Options when you can’t pay your taxes owed to the IRS on time.

Pay Back Taxes
General guidelines that can help you become more efficient and save you time and money when resolving your unpaid taxes.

Small Business Tax Problems
Common problems small businesses run into with the IRS. Find your problem and let us help you with a solution.

Resolve Business Payroll Taxes
The IRS considers delinquent payroll taxes stealing. It is best to resolve these taxes ASAP or incur hefty fines from the IRS.

Consequences of Not Paying Payroll Taxes
Penalties on these taxes are extremely harsh and have much steeper penalties than most other IRS tax fines.

Amending Incorrectly Filed Tax Returns
Mistakes Happen, its a fact of life and the IRS knows it. The IRS makes it fairly easy for individuals to amend incorrect tax returns that they filed.

Appeal an IRS Tax Ruling
It is your taxpayer right to be able to appeal an IRS ruling. It is difficult to win, but can buy you more time to pay or find a better solution.

Declaring Bankruptcy to Resolve Tax Debt
Good Choice or not? Probably not. It is hard to get rid of tax debt and bankruptcy normally does not rid individuals of tax debt.

Death and Back Taxes
Information about what carries over to family members when a loved one dies.

Filing a Substitute Return
When you don’t have important tax return documents a substitute return can be used when filing back taxes.

401K Withdrawal Tax Debt
Tax implications of withdrawing from your 401K early. Solutions to tax debt caused from this.

Failure to File Tax Penalty
Understand how to calculate the penalty for not filing your taxes. Understand what the maximum is and what happens if fraud or negligence is involved.

Failure to Pay Tax Penalty
The penalty for not paying taxes or underpaying taxes ranges from 1/4% to 1% . Understand what rate you will be charged and if you can remove the penalties.

Income Tax Lawyers
Need a tax lawyer? Understand how a tax lawyer can help you with taxes and under what circumstances it is a good idea to have a tax lawyer on your side

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Other Resources

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
IRS Website, contains the information that only they want you to know about getting help, in other words, information that will help them collect as much money as they can.

IRS Back Taxes Related Forms
Links to all approximate forms used to help with back taxes.

IRS Phone Numbers List or Reference Guide
Find the right IRS phone number for your questions or problem.

State Tax Relief Guide
Each state offers different tax relief methods. Select your state to see the various options they offer to resolve various tax problems.

State Tax Forms
State tax pages for each state. State specific filing forms.

Find Out How Much IRS Taxes You Owe
Understand the different ways you can find out how much you owe the IRS.

IRS Collections
Understand how the IRS tax collection process works. Once a tax amount is assessed the process begins, know what to expect and how to stop.

IRS Tax Relief Scams
Understand how to watch out for tax relief scam companies.