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Tax Services

  • - Resolve Tax Problems
  • - File Unfiled Taxes
  • - Appeals Represenation
  • - Fines Abatement
  • - FBAR & FACTA Compliance
  • - Lien Subordination
  • - Release a Tax Levy
  • - Innocent Spouse Relief
  • - 940 & 941 Payroll Issues
  • - Amended Tax Returns
  • - Audit Representation
  • - Currently not Collectible

How Do Tax Relief Services Work?

Before a taxpayer becomes a client, an investigation is generally completed. An investigation includes reviewing the taxpayer's tax transcripts and financial situation to determine the best course of action. A tax company who promises certain outcomes before reviewing a taxpayer's tax history and financial situation, is not being truthful.

A reputable tax resolution service can help individuals file unfiled tax returns, obtain maximum deductions, stop bank levies, stop wage garnishments, help with audits, possibly remove or lower tax fines, help with tax liabilities, get the taxpayer back into full tax compliance and most importantly prevent future actions from the taxation authorities while keeping your best interest and financial situation in mind.

What Options are Available to Resolve My Tax Problems?

The options to resolve your problem are dependent upon your tax situation. Things that may be considered are errors made by the taxation authorities, financial standing of the taxpayer and more. Below are some methods that can possibly be used to resolve your tax problem.

  • CDP or CAP Hearing: The IRS and many states provide the taxpayer the ability to appeal certain tax actions, whether they are enforcement actions or decisions that a taxpayer wants to challenge.
  • Filing Tax Returns: Sometimes just filing tax returns that were due can help you alleviate any tax problems.
  • PPIA: This method allows the taxpayer to make a payment amount they can afford each month. The statute of limitations may expire before the total amount is satisfied.
  • Uncollectible/Hardship: Any type of activities against the taxpayer may be stopped until the taxpayer’s financial situation improves. If the financial situation does not improve by the time the statute of limitations expire, the amount in question does not have to paid.
  • Fines Abatement: If it can be proven that the taxpayer has an acceptable reason for not staying in compliance with the tax laws, the taxation authorities may waive fines that were charged.
  • Amending Tax Returns: Many situations come up where the taxpayer may have made errors with a prior filing or the taxation authorities filed on the taxpayers behalf which caused them to have a higher liability than they actually should have. Amending these returns can significantly change the tax balance due, or possibly even be due a refund.


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Mr. & Mrs. Wilson - Taylor, TX "Thank you so much for your diligence in taking care of our situation. You were always available when we needed to ask questions, and you should be proud of your professional handling of our case!"

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Mr. Szramiak, - Philadelphia, PA "I had used another company previously, and I had concerns initially but you guys put me in good hands and in no time flat. This is such a weight off of my shoulders."

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Linda Q - Nashville, TN "I wanted to send a short note to tell you how helpful your service has been. My problems were taken care of in a very short time thanks to being connected with an excellent specialist that knew exactly what to do. With your successful help I can now breathe again."