IRS Notice CP 523 – What This Letter Means & What to Do

IRS CP 22a

When you setup an installment agreement with the IRS you promise to pay a particular amount of money every month. A CP 523 notice is sent if the IRS is going to cancel or terminate your installment agreement. It will include information for the reason of termination. Common reasons include: you missed a payment, you did not file a tax return, and/or you have added a new balance due to the IRS.

What Are the Next Steps with IRS Notice CP 523?

If you do not want your installment agreement to be terminated you need to call the number on the notice and explain your situation. You must also tell the IRS what you will do to fix things.

When Should I Respond To The IRS Regarding CP 523?

The longer you wait to respond the less chance you have of the IRS allowing you to keep your installment agreement active. You have 30 days from receiving a CP 523 notice to contact the IRS.

What If CP 523 Was Erroneously Sent?

If you feel that your installment agreement is being canceled without reason you should contact the IRS. If you do not get any satisfaction it is within your rights to file an appeal

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