IRS Notice CP 11 – What This Letter Means & What to Do

IRS CP 22a

A CP 11 notice is meant to tell you that changes were made to your return during processing. This has led to a balance being due on your account. The IRS sends this as a first reminder of a balance due.

What Should If I Received a CP-11 Notice?

The first thing you should consider doing is paying the money that is due. The IRS will provide you with a slip and an envelope for remitting payment.

How Long Can I Wait to Respond?

Upon receiving a CP 11 notice you do not want to wait long. It is best to pay the IRS as soon as possible as to resolve your account.

What If I Can’t Pay in Full?

If you cannot pay the balance due in full it is important to contact the IRS at the number provided on the notice. Those who do not contact the IRS to setup other arrangements and decide not to pay may eventually be served with a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. Even if you do not agree with the notice it is your responsibility to contact the IRS.

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