Find Tax Professional: Finding a Trusted Tax Relief Expert

find tax professional When should you seek a tax professional or tax professional services and under what circumstances? You might decide to take on the IRS alone and you might be successful. But, if you feel like you’re in over your head and want professional help, seeking a tax professional is the best option for you. But how do you find a reliable one?

Watch out for Tax Relief “Retainer Fee”

Any company that says the words “Retainer” or “Retainer Fee” is probably only interested in taking your money. A retainer fee is a fee that “holds the services until an actual agreement is made.” This means that the Retainer fee is not the real charge. This fee allows companies to legally hold the right to change prices to the agreement. What you should look for is a company with a flat rate, so you know exactly what you’re getting for your money. Watch out for this phrase, and make sure you’re being charged fairly.

Watch out for “Pennies on the Dollar”

“You can settle your debt for Pennies on the Dollar!” If you’ve been searching for information on Tax Relief Professionals, this phrase is sure to have come up more than once. It’s in reference to the IRS’ Offer in Compromise Program. The Offer in Compromise allows you to settle your debt for a lesser amount. But remember, the guidelines for the program are rigid and few people actually qualify. If a Tax Professional tells you that you qualify for this program without knowing the specifics of your tax problem, don’t trust them.

Watch out for Direct Tax Relief Solicitation

If the IRS has filed a notice of federal tax lien against you, you may receive a call or letter from a tax professional. These companies lie in wait and then bombard people with calls. This is a way for companies to hide their bad reputations. Usually, these companies have to buy lists of numbers because they can’t get people to call them. In general, good quality tax professionals do not have to stoop this low to get clients.

Check the Better Business Bureau

So you’ve found a Tax Relief Professional that seems reliable? It’s not over yet. Now you need to reference the Better Business Bureau and check their rating. If they have a rating of at least “Satisfactory”, you know that they can be trusted. But, if they are listed as “Unsatisfactory” or are not a member of the BBB at all, this is a big red flag. provides trusted tax solutions. We partnered with trusted tax professionals to resolve thousands of taxpayer problems. Fill out the form on the right to receive a free, no-obligation consultation, and receive your tax options. Finally, decide if you want to use tax services.

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