How to Tax Guides – Guides to Resolving your Tax Problems

How_To_Guide_Tax_HelpBelow are guides to resolving many problems with the IRS. These are general how to guides and it is suggested to use a tax professional when trying to do anything of these things.

How to Guides for Dealing with Unpaid Taxes

How to Reduce Tax Debt

Understand how to reduce tax debt that is owed. Find out if you qualify for one of the various mechanisms allowed by the IRS to reduce taxes owed.

How to Settle Taxes

Find out how you can legitimately settle taxes owed for less with the IRS. Learn the three main ways a taxpayer can settle for less.

How to Pay Back Taxes

Ways you can pay your back taxes to the IRS. Know the different methods to pay in order to reduce penalties and interest, even if you can’t afford to pay.

How to Settle Back Taxes

Methods to settle tax debt with the IRS. When individuals cannot pay, it is possible they can actually settle for less than is owed. Here is a how to guide on settling tax debt depending on your financial situation.

How to Resolve Payroll Taxes

Business payroll tax issues have some of the harshest punishments from the IRS. You need to resolve them ASAP, know your options.

How to Complete an Installment Agreement

An installment agreement is one of the most common form of payment from individuals that could not make their tax payment in full. There are a few ways the IRS allows individuals to setup these types of agreements.

How to Declare / Prove Financial Hardship

Once you prove financial hardship to the IRS they will halt any collection actions. This does not mean they won’t start up in the future, but it does buy you some time, most likely years, to get your financial problems straightened out before paying the IRS.

How to Guides for Dealing With Unfiled Taxes

How to Resolve Delinquent Taxes

Understand how to handle delinquent tax returns. Know what to do to remain out of trouble even if you can’t pay what is owed.

How to File Back Taxes

Have unfiled tax returns? Best to file those returns before the IRS finds you. The IRS has an unwritten rule about not prosecuting individuals that intentionally file late returns.

How to Guides for Dealing with IRS Collection Actions

How to Release a Tax Lien

A tax lien can have devastating effects on a taxpayers financial situation. These are some common methods to have that lien released.

How to Remove a Tax Levy

A tax levy is the final collection mechanism used by the IRS. There are several ways to stop the IRS, knowing your options can help you prevent the IRS from seizing more assets than it will.

Other Miscellaneous Tax Problem How to Guides

How to Find a Tax Relief Professional

Finding a tax relief professional will be easy, but knowing what to look for to get a reputable one is the difficult part.

How to Amend a Tax Return

Mistakes happen, the IRS knows it. It is fairly easy to amend a tax return. Many times you can amend a tax return claiming additional deductions and therefore owe less tax and resolve some tax debt problems.

How to Appeal a Tax Ruling

As a taxpayer you have the right to appeal any decision of the IRS. First, you need to get on the right track to success by doing your research to see what will help you win an appeal.

How to Handle an IRS Audit

Being audited? Here is a quick guide on handling an IRS audit on your own. Know what the IRS will be looking for in the audit, be prepared and know what to expect.


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