IRS Enrolled Agent – When to Use One for Tax Problems


Like tax attorneys and CPAs, IRS Enrolled Agents can represent (through power of attorney), advise, and prepare tax returns. Using an enrolled agent has some benefits over other types of tax professionals. Typically enrolled agents have the most experience in dealing with the IRS because they either have to pass a comprehensive exam that covers all aspects of the tax code or the must have worked for the IRS for 5 or more years in a position which frequently interpreted and applied tax code and its regulations.

Privilege and the IRS Enrolled Agent

This privilege is not the same as a tax attorney because the privilege is only limited client privilege. The privilege allows confidentiality between the taxpayer and the enrolled agent up to a certain extent. The privilege covers situations where the taxpayer is being represented by the enrolled agent for collection or audit matters but it does not apply to criminal cases.

Enrolled Agents Are Cost-Effective

Enrolled agents are normally the less expensive than using a tax attorney or CPA. If you are looking for a cost-effective approach, an enrolled agent worth considering.

Enrolled Agents Are IRS Experts

Enrolled agents are required to work for the IRS for 5 years or pass a series of examinations that meet the requirements of the IRS. You can be assured that when you choose an enrolled agent they are extremely knowledgeable in IRS proceedings. Enrolled agents are the only tax professionals that receive their right to practice from the US government.

Benefits of Other Tax Professionals

Benefits of hiring a Tax Attorney
Benefits of hiring a CPA

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