IRS Tax Appeal – Process and Steps for a Successful Appeal


The IRS will back you into a corner if you let them. It is not their responsibility to remind you of your rights, this falls into your hands. As a Taxpayer, you have the right to appeal any IRS Tax Ruling. First, you need to get on the right track to success by doing your research to see what will help you win an Appeal.

Whether or not the Appeal goes through, it is clearly to your advantage when you are in trouble with the IRS. This is because all collections efforts towards your Tax Debt are usually suspended. This suspension will buy you time to slow down and figure out your next move, whether it be working fast on your own or hiring a professional to help you.

Steps for Appealing an IRS Tax Ruling

  • The first step to the process is to write a formal protest letter. When you have a relatively low Tax Debt, the process is somewhat simple. But, the larger your Tax Debt or issue, the more documentation you will need to include in the letter. In either case, you must clearly state that you disagree with the IRS and the reasons why you disagree. Be as detailed as possible. The more evidence and documents you provide the better.
  • For the next step, it’s wise to request a copy of the IRS auditor’s file. The right to request a copy is granted under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). With this information you can discover some useful information that will help you understand the decisions made on your case. Another reason why it’s wise to request the information is because this buys you even more time to seek a professional’s help.
  • The last step is to send the gathered information to the IRS by certified mail. It is extremely important to make copies and document everything sent to the IRS. Store all of these documents in a safe place.

Remember that although it is possible to Appeal an IRS Tax Ruling, doing so is very difficult and chances of success are very rare. In most cases, you will not be granted the appeal no matter how much research you do. It’s important to enlist qualified professionals to work on your side because with their help, you’ll have a better chance of success.

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