Since Donald Trump is now our President, it is time to start thinking about how a Trump presidency is going to affect you; specifically your taxes and your bottom line. Taxes and tax policy were a huge part of the election and Trump has made it clear he has big changes in mind for our […]

Trump vs. Clinton Tax Plans. If taxes are one of the main issues that matter to you, then you can use this information as a guide to help you decide who you vote for.

It looks as though Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the last two candidates standing from both parties for the November presidential election. Love them or hate them, it appears that one of them will likely be the country’s choice to take over the oval office next January. If you’re wealthy, then who you vote […]

No one wants to receive a call out of the blue from the IRS, but perhaps an even worse call is one that comes from a debt collector. Debt collectors have a terrible reputation and in most cases, it’s a reputation that they have rightfully earned. Now just imagine getting a call from a debt […]

Using your vehicle for business purposes can add up to a big deduction at tax time if you’re able to write off some of the cost. Taxpayers can choose between using the actual expense method or the standard mileage rate to figure out how much the deduction is worth. Since claiming actual expenses tends to […]

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